5 Ways Candidates Lead to Bring the Reform We Need

There are a wide range of ways for candidates and elected officials to lead in the fight to reform our campaign funding system to end the corruption and restore its representative nature.

  1. Turn Down Special Interest PAC Money – Many elected officials and candidates have committed to turning down special interest group campaign contributions, and others have decided to also swear off contributions from lobbyists.  For the most up to date list of these candidates and elected officials, visit
  2. Sponsor Legislation – Several different types of reforms have been proposed across the country and in Congress.  Ask the candidates running in your area to sponsor one these pieces of legislation:
  3. Sponsor an Amendment to the Constitution – Supreme Court rulings have opened up many of the loopholes that have led to special interest corruption of our politics, and one ways to reverse those ruling and close those loopholes is to amend the Constitution of the United States.  This process can be started either by a vote of Congress or by votes of the States and their legislatures.  Ask the candidates in your area to pledge to support one of the proposed amendments to the Constitution:
  4. Appoint Supreme Court Justices Committed to Reform –  A second way to overturn the Supreme Court rulings that have legalized corruption in our political system is to appoint Supreme Court Justices who are committed to overturning recent ruling that deviated from previous court precedents, including Citizens United v FEC, McCutcheon v FEC, and others.
  5. Educate Voters about the Need for Reform – Many candidates underestimate the influence they have as political leaders.  Candidates need to be willing to talk about the need to reform our campaign funding system.
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