At, we believe that our elected officials should put their constituents first, not their campaign contributors.  Unfortunately, our political system has been undermined in a profound way by the significant role played by special interest groups in financing campaigns.  We need a new form of campaign finance reform that incentivizes small contributions from many Americans, rather than large contributions from a relatively few special interest groups.

Across America, most people now feel that their elected officials are primarily interested in serving the special interest groups who help fund their campaigns, while few feel that politicians put their constituents first.(1)  Trust in government has plummeted,(2) and Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows.(3) hopes to change this dynamic by educating voters, candidates, and special interest groups themselves about ways to ensure our political process focuses more on people, not money.

Researching Solutions researches the problem of special interest money corrupting politics and solutions. Read more here to learn about the problem and potential solutions. Learn More»

Educating Voters

Voters know the system is broken, but don't know how to get it fixed. We help fill that gap. Volunteer»

Empowering Activists

Across the country, pro-democracy activists in America are searching for answers on how to solve the problems caused by special interest money corrupting politics. We are working to empower those volunteer activists with the tools they need to succeed. You can help make that help. Sponsor a Toolkit»
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