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Campaign finance laws are complicated and confusing – even for many experts.  Each of the 50 states has a different set of rules for campaign fundraising and spending, as well as independent expenditure reporting.  Our Clean Elections Toolkit distills all of that complexity down to a few simple realities about campaigns in America.

  1. Self-interested, special interest donors give money to candidates to influence policy for their benefit.
  2. Those donations are not just impacting one issue – they are having an impact across the country, on a broad range of key issues.
  3. This problem isn’t going to go away on its own.  In fact, it’s getting worse.  But there are solutions available.

Take a look at the materials we’ve created to help clear up the confusion, or you can click here to sign up as a volunteer and request a Clean Election Toolkit. While you could print these documents at home, we provide Clean Election Toolkits because the quality of the materials and printing we can send to you is generally much better than what most people can print at home.

The Equation Has Changed:

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It’s All Connected:

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Special Interest Influence:


Some Facts about PACs:


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